Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Un baiser, mais a tout prendre, qu'est-ce? Un serment fait d'un peu plus pres, une promesse Plus precise, un aveu qui veut se confirmer, Un point rose qu'on met sur l'i du verbe aimer; C'est un secret qui prend la bouche pour oreille, Un instant d'infini qui fait un bruit d'abeille, Une communion ayant un gout de fleur, Une facon d'un peu se respirer le coeur, Et d'un peu se gouter, au bord des levres, l'âme!"

Cyrano de Bergerac , Edmond Rostand


Mélanie said...

I love your picture !!!
Great !
We should host a kind of contest and we will ask each blogger to choice a picture depicting their vision of " a baiser " ...

Yoli said...

Melanie, I think that is a brilliant idea!

My Castle in Spain said...

Hi Yoli,

And I love yours !

A thousand mercis for the compliment...

Your blog is very dainty my dear..I love the Marie-Antoinette's movie picture as your banner

Spent a lovely time reading your former posts (instead of working...very bad indeed). Ah Zanzibar ! never been but a friend photographer lived there for 4 years.

And tea at the Ritz..absolutely !!

See you soon..


ps : thanks for adding me and bI will be very happily reciprocate as soon as i set up my links list (hopefully soon)

Tamara said...

Such things can be spoken of so much more truly in French! If only I could speak half of what I can read.

rochambeau said...

Hi Yoli,
Such a beautiful quote, and a what a beautiful blog. I'm adding you to mine blog list right this minute!!!


P.s. as a fencer, you must have such a quick mind and amazing agility!

Yoli said...

Thank you Constance but the only thing I am quick at is eating chocolate.

shsh said...

translation, por favor?

Juliette said...

Cyrano was a master in words but couldn't express his own feelings for him, only through others!
I theatre class we used to work on the amazing tirade du nez and I just loved it so much!