Thursday, April 17, 2008

Luminous Secrets

I love Etsy artists, one of my favorites is couragemylove's shop. Maddie has a way with pictures, they speak to the soul. I think they are lovely; this is my latest purchase.

Write a thousand luminous secrets
Upon the wall of existence
So that even a blind man will know
Where we are,
And join us in this love!



Gillian said...

Oh Yoli, you and I share similar taste! This one hangs in my kitchen. Well, it is actually perched on a shelf leaning up against the wall, and a pair of eyeglasses with the fake shnoz is beside the picture, Maddie and I bought the eyeglasses at a magic shop in Granville Island! So funny!!!
That picture is worth a thousand words.

Mamacita said...

I am loving the art and music on your blog. Who is the pianist?

We're about to have a benefit for my SIL, who is quadriplegic, and Peter Kater is going to play! I'm so excited!

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

It's lovely - did I ever show you my illustration of a little girl with a red ball? It's funny because she's wearing a very similar outfit (down to the striped stocking and black clothes) and also in stormy weather, and seen from the back.

Yoli said...

No I have not seen it Maia. I would love to see it!

Mamacita I don't know who the pianist is but I know it is from the movie Amelie.

Gillian, I love that you have it next to a pair of eyeglasses from the magic shop. That is the quirky thing that friends share with eachother.

aminah said...

yoli, thank you for all the nice comments and I am glad I found your blog...D is a fencer-has been fencing since the age of 15 and now teaches others...I know very little about the sport! I like the photo too...the beach reminds me of the one I remember in aberdeen.

where in the world are you?

Is it beijing? (the clock time)

Stacie said...

I have to tell how refreshing it is for me to visit your little oasis of calm each day. I love your poetry selections- where do find them?

Happy Day!


OH MY #6 said...

gosh, i am always so inspired by your blog.


LADY LUXIE said...

Oh yes...I always have this image in my mind whenever I am in front of the sea. This is one of the loveliest she did :)

Lucky you!

madelyn said...

that song from amelie ~
it touches something and
brings such tears immediately
every time and caught me
up short when it played...

just pushed up deep inside ~
it's beautiful ...painfully so...
and yet soaringly so...

thank you for the honor of posting
my photo ~
i just feel overwhelmed by this ~
and that poem by Hafiz ~ I
have a book of his that is dear to
me and so market up ~
I underline and make notes in
my books which is awful
but i am compelled to do so and
actually makes my books so personal...


thank you!!!

madelyn said...

my son noah is taking fencing
btw at a community hall


he is obsessed with swords...

madelyn said...

ok this is weird...

i am having a revelation or

staring at the clock and
the photo of the dalai lama
and listening to the music...

shift shift shift

madelyn said...


i am writing to you

... i just had a previous
life experience...

madelyn said...

...and that is my most favorite
banner i have ever seen of all time


Yoli said...

Maddie, I am so happy your son has taken up fencing. The discipline and coordination are going to serve him well in other areas in life.

Can't wait to hear about your previous life experience!

kris said...

I am such a lover of Sufi poetry, this one is wonderful (I love Hafiz).
The photograph is very interesting, that is for sure!

{this is glamorous} said...

Such a pretty shot. Love your new banner as well.

secret agent said...

oh.......I love that.
show me where to find one pleeze

acaligurl said...

very nice. you always have such nice things to share ;)