Sunday, July 13, 2008

Swan Lake @ Wetten dass 2008-01-26

Double click to open in another window so that my site music does not disturb you. It is so worth watching, it has actually been helping me come out of my hibernation. Enjoy!


A Cuban In London said...

The first ballet I ever saw and one that has stayed a favourite ever since. When I still lived in Cuba I never missed a season at the Grand Theatre of Havana and I was lucky enough to meet my favourite dancer, Lorna Feijoo. In fact, Lornita became a student of English of mine in '94 and she was very smart and witty. Beautiful clip.

Greetings from London

Keri said...

This is amazingly beautiful! After I watched it, I called for Claire and she watched the whole thing with me. She loved it too.


robinbird said...

oh! may i say how glad i am to see you coming out of hibernation?! this a delightful dance for awakening!
xoxox hap, hap, happy to see you sweet yoli!