Monday, August 25, 2008

Plans for Fall

I am ready for Fall and dressed up my blog accordingly. The heat and humidity here is unreal. At least in the fall, some of the humidity goes down. Not all. I am looking forward to Halloween and dressing up the kids; then Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukah.

Some of the things I am looking forward to is finishing decorating my tiny bedroom. It would be comical to call it a Master bedroom. Sprucing up my garden; all the poinsettias that I rescue after the holidays are going strong. I am also putting together my inspiration wall. Artwork from my favorite Etsy people will go there. Looking forward to going to NYC in December and still dieting. So what are your Fall plans?


crazylady said...

I'd lie naked. That hairdo also involved too much maintenance. Dregs are forming as we speak here.
There's a fantasy if I ever invented one. And chocolate in a brandy glass. With Yoshi brothers playing on You tube.
Ahhhhh. Fall is such a good time.

Chloe said...

i am ready for fall too. the heat is unbearable and i want the earth to start smelling of rain and moisture. so how are you going to redecorate your bedroom? i am torn between all white and colour (on one of the walls at least).

Qiuqiu's parents said...

Simple things...I'm looking forward to taking Flynn to the pumpkin patch.
I'm also hoping we'll have time to take her hiking in Vail between the DNC and M's new semester at school.
And finally, I'm looking forward to finding a cook in-home childcare person to look after the kiddo three days a week so I can start on the new book project! Yes, already glad that I still have a career!

Vivian M said...

When in December? Maybe you could sneak a trip up to Canada or we could meet halfway?
Then again, we are heading to Florida in mid december!

Anonymous said...

fall...i love thanksgiving best of all american holidays. i love to have a stack of books on my bedside to read while snuggling on the couch. i love how the light angles over the garden. i love that the garden chores are coming to an end. and i am always looking for new things to love about fall. sprucing up my tiny house is high on my list of projects. the rest if that list could be a blog post... what good idea you have given me dear heart!