Saturday, October 4, 2008


The Hope of Loving
by Meister Eckhart
What keeps us alive, what allows us to endure?
I think it is the hope of loving, or being loved.


Relyn said...

What a perfect piece of truth this is. The photo with it, is a perfect visual for this wisdom. Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Cara Yoli,

Thanks for the photo and you comforting words. The story about Vestine makes it hard to believe there is beauty in the world. But where there is despair, there seems to be hope. Bacione, Ingrid

Annie Coe said...

Just hope period, I think keeps us going. Hope of a better world.

Margaret Miracle said...

You can't read about Vestine without thinking about Hope and the survivor's spirit. It makes you realize how little I trully have to stress about. Hope

Maithri said...

Beautiful, beautiful,

Much love and peace, M

tangobaby said...

What a gorgeous photo. So perfect for that quote, too. Thank you.