Monday, December 15, 2008

How I miss you New York

The escalator leading up to the lobby of the hotel we stayed at; The Hudson. Modern, edgy, cheap, by Mahattan standards, not for the tall. Trust me, the rooms are so small it is comical.

The lighted floor of the restaurant, love the chairs.

The lobby

Tree on Madison Avenue

Drummer in Rockefeller Center

Rose petal swan at a Thai Restaurant

One of the main reasons we always go to NYC. Theatre.

This shot is for Nic

I read the play at 17 and got a degree in Theatre because Shaffer seduced me with Equus.

Spamalot was playing and we wish would have had time to take this one in too.

My husband turns a blind eye on my girly crush. The finest and handsomest NYPD Blues.

I was passing the Mandarin Oriental Hotel when I stopped in my tracks. Look at this piece by Dale Chihuly

We did not get to photograph a lot of windows. We did catch Bergdorf's comical boxing polar bears.

The Palm Court at The Plaza

The newly cleaned cealing, just look at beautiful glass.

1959 Carved Wooden Bird Family by Kristian Vedel from Scandinavian Grace.
A short weekend is never enough to cover a city, never mind the great city of New York. So, we had to pick and choose the things we love and the small things that caught our eyes. The quality of the pictures are not good since we took my little camera, so my apologies. Enjoy!


K and/or K said...

I am in awe. Such eye candy! I never been to the big apple, hoping to take a bite out of it someday. Looks like a splendid time.

mama d said...

Ooooh. Aaaaah. Ohhhhhh.

Vivian M said...

Who are you kidding, the pictures are fabulous!

Juliette said...

Thanks for sharing.
It's been too long since my last trip to NY.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

OK, I'm going to have to stay at the Hudson next time. We stayed at the Gershwin the last two - also very cool, especially if you're a pop art fan, but we need something new.
And as for small? You should see some of the apartments I've lived in.
Though for hotel rooms, the smallest by far i've ever occupied was right outside the Vatican city wall in Rome. It was almost small enough to qualify as one of those japanese cubicles.
Ah...the Palm Court! I have eaten many a silver dish of strawberries with whipped cream there, chatting with my best friend. Sigh.

Ivy said...

These pictures are awesome with your "little" camera! I used some on my blog! Gee maybe I should reconsider what camera I need to buy and get one that is consistently good.
Loved seeing you both.

The Mad Marks Family

rochambeau said...

Hi Yoli,
What a GREAT time you had! Thank you for taking me too! These is NOTHING quite like New York! Nothing attall!
Did you buy yourself a little prize?


welcome home!

OH MY #6 said...

it must have been magical!


PS. I love NYC! I was thinking of u.

Annie Coe said...

Those are great photos, thank you for sharing. I miss New York too, it has been 13 years since I have made a trip there :-(.

Margaret Miracle said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had by all! So glad you had this weekend!

Gillian said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow my friend!!!!!!
Don't you love NY?
We looked at those same windows. Tara and I photographed those same boxing polar bears. So much to see and do. Too many Broadway shows to catch.
Seems to me we should organize a week for blog chicks there.
What do you think????
I am glad you had such a fun time. You are right, a weekend isn't enough.

Elizabeth said...

Bliss! Wow I'm jealous! I've been to NY but ws in my late teens and did not see it through your eyes. beautiful!

Princess Haiku said...

I loved these photos. I lived in the West Village years ago and your post awakened so many memories.

jaime said...

awwww! oh how i wish i could visit real soon! one my dreams :) but i was so happy to see ny through your beautiful pictures!

tangobaby said...

Thanks for taking us with you. Such great photos! And Equus, wow. That is an amazing play. I've never seen it performed, just read it.

rosemary said...

You have to tell me what Thai restaurant you ate at! I have obviously never been to that one and we are trying to hit all the best ones!

kris said...

my fave city. love it more than rome and paris. many have told me i was a new yorker in another life. i think they're right.

i miss nyc.

Samosas for One said...

Aww you were right by my apt! So good to hear you had a great time!

paris parfait said...

Hi Yoli - I only had my little pocket camera in NY too. I'd brought both cameras to Philadelphia, but the night before we left Paris, I injured my shoulder moving furniture. So I left the best camera in Philadelphia. But I think we both got some pretty good shots with our little cameras! Glad you had a great time - and yes, a couple of days is never enough in New York! I lived there for eight years and still miss it. xoxox

Billy and Maggie said...

Your pictures are amazing! Oh how I miss NY during the bustling holiday season.