Friday, December 5, 2008

Trailer For Adopted

Scroll down and turn off the music on my blog to hear the video. Interesting video out on Adoption. Every adoptive parent should consider viewing.


rochambeau said...

Hi Dear Yoli!
All we can hope and pray for is that each child or baby adopted, will be adopted in love. Being adopted is far better than not having the opportunity to be loved!!
Love can conquer all. Love knows no bounds or boundaries.

Also, people SHOULD NOT have children that don't want a children. It seems this will always be a problem for many reasons I fear.

Hope you and your had a spectacular
holiday and that the holidays to come will be peaceful, fun and memorible!

I have MANY adopted friends that are at home with being adopted to include those of mixed race.

redmaryjanes said...

I am all teared up here. It is so hard to know that my daughter will always carry such loss in her heart and there is nothing I can do to take it away. I can handle it in positive and productive ways, but I can never make it right.

kris said...

cannot wait to see this.




Margaret Miracle said...

Recently my Godsister who is adopted had a daughter. When I first went to meet the newest addition, Danielle looked at me and said, I finally have someone in my life that looks like me and shares my blood....this is amazing. My heart broke a little that day as I wondered how Lily will feel in the years to come. I am so lucky but sadly she had to lose before she could be mine. I worry about her and that pain. She and Graeme are constantly in my prayers that they may have peace!

robinbird said...

yoli dear i have an opportunity in my work to meet and talk with adopted children, adults and teens. some speak openly and with curiosity about their birth parents, some regret having looked and found their birth parents for various reasons and others who bless the parents that have raised them and feel confident in the love they have received from all their parental family. i also work with mothers who have given their children up for adoption. that decision carries it's own terrible heartache of love. to me sometimes things seem random as far as how people evolve in their level of acceptance and peacefulness about their adoption. i have been surprised many times at what people have to say and what they feel. there just does not seem to be a way of predicting the course of an emotional life. that is not to say we do not have wisdom about being helpful or knowledge about human development.
truly i came by to say i love your banner and here i went off on a ramble about a topic that is not a personal part of my life.

i send you peace and love for the holidays sweetie!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Wow, this sounds so intense and I so want to see it! I wonder how in Morocco:-(

PS I am not celebrating Eid in Morocco - it is not my favorite holiday. Very bloody and sad (to me). To others joyous, though.