Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Shorpi photo archive

Today is the beautiful Gillian's birthday from indigo blue. This is one of those blogger friends that you can't wait to meet in person. Always thoughtful, always with a kind word and an encouraging thought. May 2009 fill you with joy and happiness and much health sweet lady!


GeNeRaCiOn AsErE said...

happy birthday

tony. ;)

OH MY #6 said...

seriously where do you get these images? They are fantastic.

Maithri said...

Gill is the coolest... and so are you my sister ;)

Much love, M

High Desert Diva said...

Great photo!

Gillian said...

You are such a dear throwing a tea party for me and all my little glittery friends!
How very thoughtful. I think I see YOU at the table!
You say such generous and kind things about me. I am honoured. The truth is, I would love to meet YOU!!! I am always surprised (pleasantly so) to hear when others want to meet me too.
So very glad we met online, and hopefully 2009 will be our year to connect in person.
Love you,
Gillian xoxo

Gillian said...

Oh how weird, I happen to think Maithri is the coolest. Isn't he a wonderful kindred soul?

paris parfait said...

And when you do meet her in person, you'll be knocked out! She's fantastic! (And so are you, dear Yoli). What a great party you've hosted! Merci! xoxox

Hajar said...

Yoli, I've tagged you. ^^

My Castle in Spain said...

oh...i didn't know ! how sweet you are Yoli !!
besitos y felices Reyes guapa !

rochambeau said...

YES!! I'm coming to this party in my hat for sure!
I love Gillian so much!
Thanks for giving her a party!