Saturday, July 25, 2009

And For No Reason


For no reason

I start skipping like a child.


For no reason

I turn into a leaf

That is carried so high

I kiss the Sun's mouth

And dissolve.


For no reason

A thousand birds

Choose my head for a conference table,

Start passing their

Cups of wine

And their wild songbooks all around.


For every reason in existence

I begin to eternally,

To eternally laugh and love!

When I turn into a leaf

And start dancing,

I run to kiss our beautiful Friend

And I dissolve in the Truth

That I Am.



Samosas for One said...

Come visit me!

Annie Coe said...

How wonderful! And I love that photo. xoxo

rochambeau said...

Beautiful! It reminds me of everlasting life this poem And for No Reason.
Also, how Great! This BIG swan and all it's krewe playing upon the beach. These look like people I'd like to meet.

Thank you for your lovely card and also your kind birthday wishes dear Yoli!

Gillian said...

And for no reason is so very beautiful.
Love that photo you found! xo

Dionysius M. said...


I'am a brazilian boy, but i like very much And for no Reason...

Renee said...

Yoli I have been trying to get here forever.

There are some great movies coming out for sure.

Have you seen the trailer for 9 by tim burton, looks amazing.

Yoli, thank you for your prayers and love.

Love Renee xoxo