Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My friend Nicole alerted me to this documentary. Fascinating look at the value of women and the burdens imposed on them (still present in certain societies) in this day and age. Here is a small excerpt on the film:

Three powerful stories are told in this film: the story of an unwanted baby, the story of a baby whose future is in jeopardy, and the story of an absent baby.

The story that opens and closes the episode takes place in Palestine. Fatima is caught up in a cycle of pregnancies because of the social pressure to produce a male child. Her current pregnancy is her sixth. Fatima’s determination to give birth to yet another child is motivated primarily by her fear that her husband will marry another woman, if she cannot give him a son.

In Baghdad, Daoud is a sick baby born under the international sanctions against Iraq. Providing basic nourishment and vaccinations is an uphill struggle. His parents discuss their fears about the fate of children born in Iraq today.

Roza lives in a Syrian village. After many years of childless marriage, she has learned that her husband has the fertility problem, not her. This is a revealing and moving saga of a woman caught between yearning to have a child and trying to assert herself within the traditional codes and expectations of her society.


My Castle in Spain said...

Holà mi Yoli...este tema siempre me saca de quicio porque me doy cuenta que la condicion de las mujeres siempre esta en peligro y la verdad es que me siento tambien un poco inutil de no poder hacer mucho hacia ello !
Muchos kudos para este post guapa!

Anonymous said...

Your friend Nicole can't stop thinking about the film. I relayed the whole story to Tim today.