Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photo by: Sriram Shankar

Song of Faiz Ulla

Just at the time when Jasmins bloom, most sweetly in the summer weather,
Lost in the scented Jungle gloom, one sultry night we spent together,
We, Love and Night, together blent, a Trinity of tranced content.

Yet, while your lips wholly mine, to kiss, to drink from, to caress,
We heard from far-off faint distress; harsh drop of poison in sweet wine
Lessening the fulness of delight, --
Some quivering note of human pain,
Which rose and fell and rose again, in plaintive sobs throughout the night,

Spoiling the perfumed, moonless hours
We spent among the Jasmin flowers.


sinnlighet said...

What a wonderful composition of image and text. My compliments!

Agneta, the swedish one, with love ;)

Jeanne said...


Samosas for One said...

Did my mom ask you to post that Indian shaadi photo to push me to get married?! :)

Anonymous said...

like that!

susanna said...

Beautiful photo! And the poem...so lovely but then...disturbed. It felt as thought it was a moment the writer really experienced.

willow said...

Yoli! This is absolutely beautiful!

Quackster said...

The second stanza where the the poison lessens the fulness of delight is powerful. I enjoyed it.

maddie said...

i adore jasmine

i have jasmine growing outside my door

:) the poem is...beautiful and
dark ....curiously so