Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Goodbye Dream Girl

Edith Shain, the nurse in this iconic photo taken in Times Square as thousands celebrated the end of World War II, died Sunday at age 91.

Her son Michael Shain described Eisenstaedt's photo as having captured "an epic moment in American history, one that inspired patriotism, unity, joy and a spontaneous national pride in victoriously ending the war."

As a WWII celebrity later in life, Shain devoted herself to helping veterans. "My mom was always willing take on new challenges and caring for the World War II veterans energized her to take another chance to make a difference," another son, Justin Decker, said on the website.

Shain is survived by three sons, six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Source: Edith Shain, The Time Square VJ Day Nurse


willow said...

This is such an iconic photo. I love that she devoted herself to helping veterans. So fitting. Rest in peace, dear Edith.

Poetikat said...

I saw her interviewed on a talk show once. It must be strange to be the subject of such an iconic photo that everyone in the world knows about.


design traveller said...

The photo was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Robin said...

It must have felt amazing (and perhaps a bit frightening) to have been caught in an innocent moment of exuberence - only to find out that the entire world witnessed it!

She seems to have led a strong and wonderful life!

Thank you for sharing this!


♥ Robin ♥

Agneta said...

Yes yes yes, V–J day in Times Square, thank you for sharing!!

Love your comments on my blog!! Thank you sooooo much!!


Gracia said...

That photo! There are few who would be unfamiliar with it... her pose is so beautiful and so caught up in the moment.

Jocy said...

Thanks for sharing.

La sirène said...

Hello you! the stockings you saw on my blog can be yours if you give me an adress where i can send them. Kiss*

Margie said...

Yoli, thank you for this, I hadn't heard this. What a remarkable experience for her, and how amazing that we have all shared it through that photo.