Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One of my favorite photographers Elle Moss is an Take a look at her work: Original Unique Fine Art Photography Prints & Jewelry by ellemoss.

*Image: The Escape Artist


willow said...

Cool photo! I'll go pay her a visit!

Louis Duke said...

great find.
she is amazing.
thanks for sharing.

n a t s u m i said...

What a gorgeous photo! I love the colors..

kenza said...

Amazing and beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing this and the link! (y gracias por tus siempre tan lindos y gentiles comentarios - besos a las niñas!)

cocon said...

I have not found your email address so I am writing here. First, thank you for your comment!
I just wanted to tell you that I can not publish your comment for "Neëst". I don't know why .. sorry.
: I think I already saw this picture somewhere.
love particularly this atmosphere and color!!!