Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She remembered how, as a young man, she had insisted ... that women must be obedient, chaste, scented, and exquisitely apparelled. 'Now I shall have to pay in my own person for those desires,' she reflected; 'for women are not (judging by my own short experience of the sex) obedient, chaste, scented, and exquisitely apparelled by nature. They can only attain these graces, without which they may enjoy none of the delights of life, by the most tedious discipline. There's the hairdressing,' she thought, 'that alone will take an hour of my morning, there's looking in the looking-glass, another hour; there's staying and lacing; there's washing and powdering; there's changing from silk to lace and from lace to paduasoy; there's being chaste year in year out...'

Orlando: A Biography ~ Virginia Woolf(4.7)
*Tilda Swinton as Orlando 1992


kenza said...

That was such an incredible movie wasn't it?!

willow said...

I need to buy myself a copy of this movie. I LOVE it!! Especially those Russian scenes. Thanks for feeding my VW craving this week!

Robin said...

I adored this movie.... thank you for the reminder...time to see it again!


♥ Robin ♥