Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Art of Fencing

Beyond emotional watching these images from the 2010 World Fencing Championship taking place in Paris, France at the historic Grand Palais. For more stunning shots go here: 2010 World Fencing Championships - The Big Picture -


kenza said...

Oh! One of my all times favorite! Thank you.
I have great admiration for you having been a fencer. Beautifully refined and precision "sport"-- I dare not call it "sport" but what else?
Thanks for your authors' list!

Amanda said...

i only wish the venues my son fences at in the u.s. looked like this -- what a beautiful place in which to compete!

yoli, are you still fencing? also wonder if your kids fence?

Juniper said...

My, that stadium looks likes something straight out of a science fiction film (like Gatica). I believe I ought to peek and see some of this international competition. Fencing- I have a very romanticised picture in my mind of it. A very intriguing sport/martial art to be involved in, am very impressed!

Yoli said...

It is NOTHING like the places we fence in Amanda that's for sure. It is so removed from it to be comical. I no longer fence but it is always in my blood, it never leaves me. As for my children, I hope at least one of them will take up fencing. Nothing would please me more.

dutchbaby said...

Definitely nothing like the venues my son fenced in. It is such a beautiful sport to watch.

After fencing for four years, my son traded in his foil for rowing oars. Now I rise at 4:30 twice a week to bring him to the dock by 5 a.m. Brrrr. On weekends, he gets to sleep in because he doesn't have to be on the water until 7:30 a.m.

Robin said...

What a gorgeous venue! And, it really NEVER leaves your blood, does it? I hope that one day, one of your children will be intrigued and pick an epee up!


♥ Robin ♥