Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Sun God

The gray dawn reddens, and the freshening wind
Marshals the clouds across the mountain spires.
A light flames skyward where the mist has thinned
Like lifting smoke above old altar fires.

The canon pines' low murmur, and the hush
Of shifting sands amid dry desert grass,
The far-off chanting of the hermit trfrush,
The splash of waters in the rock-strewn pass.

Then the sun's rim above the kneeling hills,
The mounting splendor and melting blue;
The radiant whiteness of the desert fills
With glistening folds the far, notched mount in view.
And gloriously the golden presence thrills
The waiting earth to ecstasy anew.

~Rose Henderson

*Source: Everybody's Magazine June 1921


kenza said...

Beautiful especially the two last lines...
And the old cards from Tunis... a nice touch with the events that have somewhat given hope to many in the region. We hope things remain peaceful.

Tess Kincaid said...

I can hear the chantings of prayers.

Yanyan said...

How beautiful, like Kenza said, we hope things remain peaceful

paris parfait said...

So lovely! xoxox

Heart Charlie said...

These images are truly beautiful!

Amanda said...

those vintage magazine fotos are luscious -- and the poem an exquisite fit -- a match made in heaven~

natsumi nishizumi said...

Beautiful post! I love the images... these are great match to the poem!