Thursday, February 17, 2011

Minä Perhonen

Came across the brand minä perhonen via the blog: life in the slow line. I have fallen instantly in love with the brand. Akira Minagawa has created clothes and textiles since 1995. Deeply influenced by the Scandinavian design, Minagawa’s brand Minä Perhonen – literally in Finnish: ”I Butterfly” - merges the finish and dye quality of Japanese textiles with the minimalist elegance of North European tradition.


Charlotta Ward said...

Looks wonderful. There is something about the plain simplicity of the Finns. They truly know how to design.

Also thanks for your comment today. Lovely of you to pop in.

x Charlotta

Heart Charlie said...

Oh wow, how interesting/amazing! Thank you for the inspiration, I am definitely going to check out this brand now ;)

kitchu said...



natsumi nishizumi said...

Beautiful! I love minimal design... very inspiring!