Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Like a Desert Flower
by Parween Faiz Zadah Malaal

Like a desert flower waiting for rain,
like a river-bank thirsting for the touch of pitchers,
like the dawn
longing for light;
and like a house,
like a house in ruins for want of a woman -
the exhausted ones of our times
need a moment to breathe,
need a moment to sleep,
in the arms of peace, in the arms of peace


alliot + iza said...

In the arms of peace.
Thanks for the inspiring poem and image, dear Yoli!

Serline said...

My hubby guessed the boy and poem's origin almost immediately; he lived in Pakistan for almost 4 years and visited Peshawar and Afghan refugee camps there. Hope and pray that peace will descend on these people and region soon, and for good...

renilde said...

A moment of silence, thoughts, world very much in need of 'arms of peace', thanks,x.

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful face, beautiful words.

kenza said...