Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I first became aware of this impressive image via Cherry Coloured» surrealist couture. It is from the Alexander McQueen 2009 collection. The story conjured up by this single photograph of a woman muzzled in her clothing, in her culture, in the very fact that she was born female, greatly affected me. I don't know what McQueen had in mind when he presented this but it was genious. It speaks volumes. Right now my friend's blog has been blocked. Her words no longer will be viewed by the many women that read her in her adoptive land. She is posting sight unseen and only us in the west will be able to see her and post to her blog, she cannot see her own blog. A great loss for the women of KSA. Stop over to susie's big adventure: Caution: This Blog Banned in Saudi Arabia and leave her some encouraging words.


Amber said...

Isnt it mind blowing that in 2009, this still happens! It is so 1984 it scares me!

tangobaby said...

Wow, Yoli, this just gave me the chills. I support you and your friend and will visit Susie and wish her well.

That is truly frightening.

A Cuban In London said...

It is in a truly shocking image and Mc Queen specialises in this kind of design. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

My Castle in Spain said...

Holà Yoli,

thanks for this post. I've just left a comment on Susie's blog. What a shame but i guess it could be expected...unfortunately

Unknown said...

I hope Susie does not stop in her quest to pull back the curtain and reveal what she's experiencing over there. If the free women of the world don't speak up for these women, who will?