Wednesday, October 1, 2008

cinema paradiso

Just got back from Tango Baby's blog. She was posting about kisses! I think we are all thinking of kisses lately. What better way to highlight kisses than to show a clip from Cinema Paradiso? So here it is. Please note, that there is some brief nudity shown, so if it is something that offends you, do not watch.


A Beautiful Mess said...

*sigh* I l.o.v.e. Cinema favorite. I don't much care for the "new release" but love the original.


Juliette said...

Jacques Perrin and late Philippe Noiret are 2 of my favourites actors and this movie was nothing but wonderful!
Thanks for the good memories.

tangobaby said...

Hi Yoli,

Yes, this is such a wonderful clip! It always makes me cry.

I have an extra surprise for you here, a tango danced to this song:

And please come back to my blog when you can. I have a special post just for YOU!:

A Cuban In London said...

I cried when I first saw it. I was in the theatre with my best friend and after the film finished and whilst the final credits were still rolling up, we both hugged each other. I was still living in Cuba at the time and felt the theme of censorship too close to home to be able to withhold my tears.

Thanks. Must dash off to TB's blog right now!

Greetings from London.