Tuesday, June 16, 2009


bruno munari

Box Set/11.2x15.6"/12 Books
Printed in Italy

First published by Danese in 1980, Prebooks is a series of twelve little books dedicated to small children who have not yet learned how to read or write. These twelve books, 10 x 10 cm in size, were designed to fit into small hands. Each one comes in different colours, materials and binding methods. The visual effect is not only stunning but the purpose is to offer a variety of stimuli, sensations and emotions to increase the child's perception of the world around him/er. Bruno Munari states, “they should give the sensation that books are indeed objects made like this and that they contain a wide array of surprises. Culture comes out of surprises, which are things that were unknown before”. Once again Munari is ahead of his time: while computers are entering more and more deeply into young childrens’ lives this collection helps them to smell, touch, see and even taste the objects they have around them - encouraging them to not not lose contact with the concreteness of reality.

- Texts in: Italian, English, French and German.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, to have a pig lamp like Amelie's.

willow said...


And you ALWAYS have the BEST headers in the bloggyhood.

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

love love your header ...

rochambeau said...

Bruno and his books are wonderful!!
Thank you for sharing this.
I had such a HARD time learning to read, so when I hear about this is touches me so. May your children always have the precious gift of books and a love of reading!


Renee said...

These look amazing Yoli.


A Cuban In London said...

Never heard of them, so many thanks for introducing them to me. A bit too late, though, but interesting.

Greetings from London.