Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photography by Marcus Bleasdale
"Some one ought to do it, but why should I?" -- "Some one ought to do it, so why not I?" Between these two sentences lie whole centuries of moral evolution.

~Annie Besant

I came across this photographer via Maryam's blog. I looked at his images for hours last night. The story is all there, in his vivid images, no words are needed. What is needed, is for the world to pay attention, to not look away. If you are interested in his work, I have linked his site to my blog, just scroll all the way down or link through here: Marcus Bleasdale


Cynthia said...

Stark and painful image, Yoli. May we all learn compassion and reach out to those in need. <3

Sea Angels said...

Thankyou Yoli for the link.xx
Your new banner is my favorite film xx
Hugs Lynn xx

Renee said...

The world has a long way to go but I hope and I believe that one day it will get where it needs to be.

Yoli this is powerful and the quote is very true.

Love Renee xoxo

Amber said...

Far out, that is really a full on photo. Your blog is always so powerful and thought provoking. Thank you.

marc aurel said...

Thanks to you I've spent an hour or more fully engrossed in Vll the agency he belongs to.

Christina said...

How brilliant of you to bring us this link.

I adore your banner.

Thank you for your sweet comment. I love it over here.
; )

Anonymous said...

Annie Besant's quote is wise and true. It has me wondering what I've been doing for others in need these days. Not enough, to be honest.